Automatic Machine ASP for Making “DOYPACK” Pouches

Automatic machine model ASP is designed to form empty “Doypack” pouches with open top from a roll of laminate film. These pouches are further used for filling various types of products and sealing manually or on packaging machine ADM.

It is also possible to make “Doypack” pouches with ZIP-LOCK. ZIP-LOCK provides multiple opening and leak-proof closing of the pouch.

“Doypack” pouch is a versatile type of package. It is possible to pack a wide range of liquid, viscous, solids, powders and small sized food, as well as non-food products in this packet.

Speed, max.* 30 pouches/min.
Packaging material Multilayer film
Pouch width, max. 200 mm
Pouch length, max. 320 mm
Roll diameter, max. 500 mm
Electricals 220 V, 50 Hz
Power, kW 3,2
Air consumption, l/min (0.6 Bar) 50
Dimensions, mm. 3500x800x2000
Weight, kg., max. 500

*Speed depends on packet size, type & quality of packaging material, etc.

Automatic functions:

  • Unwinding of film roll
  • Hole punching for bottom sealing with diameter of 12 mm
  • Sealing the bottom of stand-up pouch
  • Sealing of vertical seams
  • Cutting of Doypack packets
  • Stacking of packets

Optional units for Automatic Doypack Forming machine ASP:

  • Unit for ZIP-lock application
  • Special unit for manufacturing of Doypack packets with irregular (shaped) design
  • Unit for making rounded corners of Doypack packet
  • Tear notch punching unit
  • Euro hole punching unit
  • Stacking of packets


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