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The secret of any successful business is a step-by-step story.

Before purchasing equipment, we often read reviews over the internet, including untrue ones. But we need to know the truth.

True reviews are not always a text with a smiling face. We feel that an accurate & reliable review is a positive reference from an existing client. In this case, our client from Uganda recommended our equipment to Director Deo Bwire’s small startup dairy plant from Kampala city.

In June 2020, «Noviy Vek» – NHM Limited™ concluded a contract for supply of packaging equipment with «AGRIBIZ UGANDA» for 2 machines – An automatic pouch packaging machine Milkpak 1500 and a Semi-automatic Cup Filling Machine K3.

The packaging machines were manufactured and shipped to the Customer’s factory this month.

“Noviy Vek” – NHM Limited™ wishes success, increased demand, creative ideas & good luck to Mr. Deo Bwire. May his products bring him an excellent reputation in the Ugandan market!

Mafricom Co. has been highly successful in getting good market penetration and is selling its products under the brand names of “Momo”, “Nutrias” & “V1Tmilk” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo). Mafricom provides wholesome & delicious milk products at an affordable price and thereby fulfilling its goal of providing people with a top-quality product that is both healthy and nutritious.

Just a month ago, Mafricom Co. concluded a fourth contract with «Noviy Vek» – NHM Ltd. ™ to supply a 2-lane Cup filling machine CFM-2L for expanding their production of yogurt in plastic cups.

«Noviy Vek» – NHM Ltd. ™ expresses its appreciation for giving us your business. We wish you success and productive work to create a better future. We sincerely hope to serve you again.

Trust is a fundamental condition that forms the foundation of good relations between people & cooperation between companies.

A month later after receiving the second machine from our company in July 2020, Delight Catering Ltd, Angola, addressed us again with an assignment to manufacture a non-standard Tub Filling Machine ATM-2 for filling viscous products (yogurt & mayonnaise) in 3 different formats and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The production of packaging equipment shall require a few months’ time & will be manufactured according to the agreed technical specifications.

We thank Delight Catering for this repeat purchase. We highly appreciate your trust and wish you success, growth and stability in these difficult times!

The Republic of Belarus is known far and wide thanks to its huge production of dairy products. «Babyshkina Krynka» is one of the largest manufacturers in the country, who approached our company through our representative JSC “Dovaina” in Belarus for the purchase of a second automatic packaging machine for their milk products Milkpack 6000 with an automatic counting and crating system.

The project was implemented in time and equipment has already been delivered to the client’s factory this month.

The engineering team of our dealer will carry out commissioning works soon.

We thank «Babyshkina Krynka» for their trust!

On the recommendation of our existing Customer in West Africa, a company from Angola – Delight Catering, represented by CTO Christopher Avedikian, contacted us for the purchase of packaging equipment model CFM-2L for packing viscous yoghurt into cups with a capacity of 3000 pcs/hour with prolonged shelf life. And we took up this interesting & challenging project. This month the machine was tested and shipped!

The machine enables sterilization of cups & aluminum lids and the filling process takes place under laminar flow. The filler can be hygienically cleaned on both sides and the scope of supply includes an autonomous CIP station. The machine has a completely closed construction and a laminar airflow is created using a class 100 HEPA filter. Our specialists implemented these features and the project was completed on time.


We are awaiting pleasant feedback and continued cooperation after Delight Catering receives the equipment, which we will definitely inform you about!

Well, what more can be added? Thank you for your trust!

In September 2017 in Argentina some 13,000 kilometers from Ukraine Carlos Tavis, the Technical director of Syntaryc S.A.L.C. received an important assignment from the company’s CEO. One of their major customers – Unilever S.A. had decided to introduce an economical Refill Doypack pouch to pack its household products and was looking for a Doypack packets supplier.  The management set a task to find a reliable manufacturer of equipment and conclude a supply contract as soon as possible.


As we know, the market for equipment suppliers is large.  Therefore, Carlos began his search for suppliers in Europe via the Internet. Along the way, he found a video and the website of an unknown company from Ukraine that attracted his attention. He was skeptical, but decided to get in touch. The speed of response surprised him, as well as the quality of the equipment.

Soon, Syntaryc S.A.L.C. acquires an Automatic machine ASP for forming “Doypack” pouches. The equipment was received, installed and commissioned. Everyone is happy – Carlos, his CEO, and the Customer. It would seem that everything is OK, but no!

Some 1-1/2 years later, Syntaryc decides to expand their production of Doypack packets for other Customers in the region. They now require a new machine with a mirrored configuration compared to the first one. Our company completed the project and shipped ahead of schedule. This shows that distance is not a barrier )))

We wish you success!

Installation & commissioning of yet another Cup Filling Machine model CFM-2L in Kenya was successfully completed at Demka Dairy, Nairobi last week.


Demka Dairy is a privately-owned dairy plant located in Nairobi, Kenya. The company is famous throughout Kenya for its brand – Gracie’s Yoghurt. The machine will provide an opportunity for market expansion and hygienic packaging of yogurt, thereby providing value addition to the producer and delicious product with relevant shelf life to the customers.


The CFM-2L Cup Filling Machine is an automatic two-lane machine for filling liquid and viscous products, like mtindi, yogurt, jams, sauces, etc. into plastic cups with heat sealable aluminum foil. The machine is equipped with a volumetric piston filler that ensures accurate filling of viscous dairy products at speeds of 3,000 cups/hour. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a UV-sterilization unit for cups & lids, a second filler with jacketed hopper for adding additives, like fruit jam and a collection table.

NHM service team has successfully commissioned Automatic Cup Filling machine CFM-2L for set and stirred yoghurt at Boeren Van Amstel (AmstelNatuurZuivel) dairy processing plant.


AmstelNatuurZuivel (ANZ) is a cooperative of farmers in the Amstelland that is committed to meadow birds, biodiversity and a beautiful landscape in the Amstelland, the backyard of Amsterdam. The cooperative currently has 21 members. ANZ aims to create added value for farmers and landscape by rewarding the efforts that farmers make for meadow birds and the landscape through a fair price for their product.


Machine has been supplied to client by our Dutch partner Van den Heuvel Dairy & Food Equipment B.V. NHM service engineers did commissioning of equipment and training of personnel.

Automatic Cup Filling machine CFM-2 manufactured by NHM has been successfully commissioned at Kathonzweni Milk Processing Plant by our local partner in Kenya – Desley Holdings.


Kathonzweni Milk Processing Plant will help to provide market for dairy farmers in Makueni county and beyond was installed by the county government in collaboration with the USAID in Kenya, through the International Livestock and Research Institute.


Our Cup Filling Machine CFM-2C will be used for filling of flavored stirred yoghurt in premade plastic cups.

NHM company has successfully supplied Automatic double-lane cup filling machine CFM-2L for Demka Dairy in Nairobi, Kenya.


Demka Dairy is a private owned business with dairy processing plant located in Nairobi, Kenya. Company is well known for its yoghurt brand – Gracie’s Yoghurt


Cup Filling Machine CFM-2L is designed to fill liquid and viscous dairy products in premade plastic cup or containers with aluminum or laminated foil on top. Machine is equipped with volumetric piston filler of own production which provides accurate filling of viscous dairy products. Optionally, machine can be equipped with UV-sterilization unit for cups, second filler for additives (i.e., fruit jam), expiry date printer or outfeed collection table.

NHM company has been successfully supplied and commissioned new cup filling machine model CFM-2L in Uganda for filling of yoghurt and ice-cream in plastic cups. New packaging unit was supplied to our esteemed client – Ponders Ltd (Snowman’s dairy products).


Ponders Ltd is a specialised manufacturing and temperature controlled distribution house with cold/chiller rooms in multiple locations throughout the region.  Ponders is an affiliate to Dembe Trading Enterprises Ltd- the largest FMCG Distribution House in East Africa.  Ponders manufactures the ‘Snowman’s’ brand, Uganda’s number one Ice Cream and Yoghurt brand.


The Company deals with several types of milk products such as cheese, ice cream, yoghurt.

NHM engineering team has successfully installed packaging machine CFM-2C for filling of yoghurt in pre-made plastic cups for new dairy processing company in Arusha, Tazania.


Kilimanjaro Fresh is a new, but very promising dairy brand in Tanzania and whole East Africa in general. We are product to supply new dairy company with advanced equipment for high-quality dairy products.

We are proud to announce that our double-lane cup filling machine for filling of yoghurt has been successfully delivered and commissioned for Mukurweini Wakulima Dairy (Royal Fresh).


Mukurweini Wakulima Dairy Limited is based in Nyeri County of the Central Province of Kenya. The company was established in 1990 with the main objective of collecting members milk and marketing it to the milk processors. The company started processing of fresh packed milk  in 2014.


New cup filling machine has been supplied to increase existing capacities of yoghurt production as well as to improve existing packaging technology at site.

New unit of MILKPACK 6000 machine has been delivered to Premier Dairies Ltd (MEGA) in Kampala, Uganda. Pouch FFS machine MILKPACK 6000 is a double lane unit for filling of dairy products (milk, yoghurt, fermented milk) in plastic pouches.

Premier Dairies Ltd is a dairy processing factory located in city of Kampala in Uganda. The company deals with several types of milk products such as pasteurized whole milk, fresh cream and flavored yoghurt. MILKPACK 6000 is not the first unit manufactured by NHM which was delivered to MEGA. Previously we have already supplied Cup Filling Machine CFM-2C for filling of yoghurt in plastic cups to this factory.


NHM Limited team has successfully commissioned Automatic pouch form-fill-seal machine model MILKPACK 6000 in Kenya.

MILPACK 6000 is intended for filling of liquid and viscous products in polyethylene pouches (LDPE). It is equipped with servo-motors for film pulling, advanced PLC and sealing system. Packaging machine MILKPACK 6000 is the most reliable solution for filling of dairy products in plastic pouches.

Machines has been supplied to Githunguri Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd (Fresha), which is one of the leading dairy processing companies in Kenya and East Africa.


NHM Limited continues expansion on international market. Second part of 2018 was marked by entering market of Argentina. NHM factory successfully delivered Automatic Doypack Forming Machine ASP.


Machine was supplied to Sintaryc SAIC company, which provides manufacturing services for third parties in Argentina (South America).


Automatic machine for forming of Doypack packets model ASP is used for making of empty (pre-made) Doypack bags of different type (with or without Zip-lock/Spout) from laminated films in reel form. The machine is equipped with programmable logic controller & HMI manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric for reliable and accurate operation.



NHM Limited team has successfully participated at Morocco FoodExpo 2017, which took place in Casablanca, Morocco.


The FOODEXPO is part of ELANEXPO’s international portfolio of Food and Hospitality event. MOROCCO FOODEXPO allows the companies to meet more food sector buyers, face-to-face, in one location, when they are actively sourcing and purchasing products like yours.

NHM Limited continues its expansion in overseas markets, demonstrating a boost in deliveries to MAGHREB region.


We take this opportunity to thank you visiting our stand and look forward towards a mutually beneficial co-operation.


village cheese

NHM Limited has successfully supplied first packing machine to Canada. We would like to thank The Village Cheese Company for putting trust in us.


The Village Cheese Company is a small family owned business, it was founded in 1998 by Dwight and Linda Johnson after Armstrong Cheese was sold to Saputo and its cheese plant shut down. Wanting to keep quality traditional cheese making in Armstrong alive, Dwight and Linda created Village Cheese with Hubert Besner and Ivan Matte, some of Canada’s best cheese makers. Hubert and Ivan worked for the Armstrong cheese prior to it being sold to Saputo; and with Hubert’s extensive knowledge and experience he has been the main designer of the cheese plant.


We are delighted at this co-operation and we continue our efforts of reliable and affordable packaging solutions for dairy companies across the world!


Gulfood Manufacturing 2017” – largest and exclusive annual fairs in the GCC region was held from October 31st – November 2nd 2017 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Our esteemed visitors received a demonstration of our Automatic Doypack Forming machine model ASP also up-to-date information regarding our packaging equipment, diversity of packaging solutions and technical advice for their packaging projects. NHM Machinery team continues its expansion in overseas markets, demonstrating a boost in deliveries worldwide.

We would like to thank you towards your interest in our equipment and look forward towards a beneficial co-operation.




NHM Machinery is constantly increasing its presence across the Africa. The first half of 2017 was marked by entering market of Ivory Coast (West Africa). NHM team successfully concluded a Contract to supply SADA FOOD with Automatic stick packaging machine model Terra Stick for packing of granular coffee.


SADA FOOD is a food manufacturing company, which is located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Company produces and distributes its coffee products under L’Express brand.


Automatic stick packaging machine model Terra Stick is used for filling of dry, liquid, and viscous products in center seal packs in form “stick” in small quantities. The machine is equipped with programmable logic controller for reliable and accurate operation.

Semi-automatic Doypack filling machine model SAD is used for filling and sealing of various types of products such as mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, dry fruits, spices, tea, coffee, milk powder, juices, shampoo, cleaning liquids, etc. in “Doypack” packets with a spout or ZIP-lock. This machine can be a great solution for small and medium-scale manufacturers.


Operation process of Semi-automatic Doypack filling machine SAD is very user-friendly. Operator presses the left pedal of machine, and the package, placed under the filler, is filled with a product. After that, operator moves a package with product on a table to the sealing area and presses the right pedal for sealing. Machine is easily adjusted at changeover to the other format of package. Machine can be optionally equipped with ink-jet printer for manufacturing & expiry date coding.


Contact our sales office to get commercial offer for Semi-automatic Doypack filling machine SAD today!



NHM team has installed Automatic double-lane cup filling machine CFM-2L for filling of fruit jam and honey at leading jam manufacturing company in East Africa – Trufoods Limited.


Trufoods started business back in 1958 and initially focused on contract manufacturing for multi-nationals involved in agribusiness such as Brooke Bond. Following growth and seizing opportunity, Trufoods decided to start developing ‘in the kitchen’ and ‘on the table’ brands, specifically made for the wider Kenyan market. The first products Trufoods produced and sold were jams, under the now iconic Zesta Brand. Zesta jam is the current market leader in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania.


Automatic cup filling machine model CFM-2L is intended for filling liquid and viscous products like jam, honey, sour cream, yogurt, dairy products, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard paste, and other products in cups with pre-cut aluminum lid. A snap-on plastic cover system also can be provided for hygienic opening/closing of cup. All machine functions are performed in automatic mode: discharge of cup, cup filling, placing and sealing of aluminum lid, date coding, snap-on plastic cover & unloading of filled cup.


NHM company is always committed to providing the most reliable packaging machinery for food and non-food applications.


NHM Machinery has successfully commissioned Semi-automatic cup filling machine K3 for stirred yoghurt at Masaka Creamery dairy processing company in Kigali, Rwanda.


Masaka Creamery was established in 2015 to acquire the brand and business of the well-known dairy processing company Masaka Farms, which had been closed as a result of food safety violations. Company produces stirred flavored yoghurt, fruit-based yoghurt, fresh cream and cheese.


Semi-automatic cup filling machine model K3 manufactured by NHM Machinery consists of a turret with five compartments for filling and moving the cup.




Functions in semi-automatic mode include dosing of product ( set or stirred yoghurt, fresh cream, fermented milk, spreadable cheese), placing & sealing of aluminum foil lid and heat embossing of date (at the bottom of the cup). The operator manually just puts the empty cups, turns turret by one position and removes filled cups.


NHM constantly delivers reliable packaging and filling equipment for dairy processing companies in East African region.


We would like to announce that NHM (Private Enterprise “NOVIY VEK”) will participate at “Agrofood Plastpack Ethiopia 2017” exhibition from 3rd to 5th February, 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Agrofood Plastpack Ethiopia aims to become Ethiopia’s must-attend annual meeting point for the agrofood industry. The event gathers industry leaders, investors, experts, policy makers, academia and journalists to discuss latest technologies and conclude business.


Visit our stand to get qualified technical advice on your equipment needs. Catalogues and video of equipment required by you will be provided.


We look forward to hosting you at our booth!


NHM company has successfully commissioned Automatic cup filling machine model CFM-2C for Guango Dairy in Muchatha, Kenya.


Cup filling machine CFM-2C is intended for filling of liquid and viscous dairy products like sour cream, yogurt, milk, fermented milk products, etc.


Guango Dairy is located at Muchatha (off Banana Hill road), 12Km from Nairobi’s central business district, within the well-developed and expansive Guango Estate. Guango Dairy employs over 140 people directly and indirectly. The need to have quality consistent, milk products drove us to establishing the company that Guango Dairy is today. Established on 26th April, 2006 with a staff of 7, Guango Dairy has grown in so many ways over the years of its existence, with a quality product portfolio, a country wide coverage and not to mention has changed the lives of so many both financially and morally by creating jobs and offering security to many around it.

dembe-dairy-kampalaWe are proud to announce two installations of packaging equipment in Uganda:

  • Automatic pouch filling machine MILKPACK 1500 was successfully commissioned at Ponders Ltd (Brand – Snowman’s). Ponders Ltd is the manufacturing arm of Dembe Group.
  • Automatic cup filling machine CFM-2 was successfully commissioned at Premier Dairies Ltd (Brand – MEGA). Mega milk is processed by Premier Dairies Ltd in partnership with Uganda Industrial Research Institute.


We are proud to supply reliable packaging equipment for dairy companies in Uganda. NHM Limited is always committed to providing the most cost-effective solution.




NHM Limited is proud to inform about first contract in cooperation with EFTA for supplying of full milk processing line for Grande Demam dairy company.


Project includes supplying of full range of dairy processing units: continuous pasteurizer, homogenizer, deaerator, separator, automatic pouch filling machine and bottle filling line.


The Grande Demam Ltd is a dairy company located in Arusha region & certified by the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards. The dairy produces pasteurized milk, fermented milk (mtindi), flavored yoghurt, ghee and cheese.



We would like to announce that NHM (Private Enterprise “NOVIY VEK”) will participate at “GULFOOD MANUFACTURING 2016” exhibition from 7th to 9st  November, 2016 in Dubai, UAE.


“Gulfood Manufacturing” is thelargest and most influential trade show for the food manufacturing sector in MENA region. At Gulfood Manufacturing 1,500 global suppliers of latest ingredients, processing, packaging and logistics solutions are waiting to meet you and help solve your biggest production, capacity and automation challenges.

With more than 20 years of experience, NHM Limited specializes in the manufacture and supply of packaging & processing equipment to the food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe, Asia and Africa.


At our stand #B1-26 you can get qualified technical advice on your equipment needs. Catalogues and video of equipment required by you will be provided. You shall have an opportunity to see demonstration of our Automatic cup filling & sealing machine CFM-2C.


We look forward to hosting you at our booth!


Date 7 – 9 November, 2016
Venue Dubai World Trade Centre, DUBAI
Stand no. B1-26
Time November 7-8, 2016      10:00 am – 6:00 pm
November 9, 2016          10:00 am – 5:00 pm

blessed products


NHM Limited continues to increase its presence across the African continent. Summer 2016 was marked by entering Dairy market of Rwanda. NHM successfully supplied Blessed Dairies Ltd with affordable filling machine for bottles.


Blessed Dairies Ltd is among the leading and the fastest growing dairy companies in Rwanda. Blessed Dairies operates since 2012.


The Company deals with several types of milk products such as pasteurized whole milk, low fat milk, fresh cream, mozzarella cheese, butter, flavored yoghurt, etc.

Без имени-1You are kindly invited to visit us at the 12th African Dairy Conference & Exhibition, which is scheduled from 31st August to 2nd September, 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda. The 12th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition (12th AfDa) is considered to be the leading dairy industry-defining event of the year in Africa.


With more than 20 years of experience, NHM Limited specializes in the manufacture and supply of packaging & processing equipment for food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe, Africa and Asia. We are striving to offer customized flexible packaging solutions for filling in “Doypack”, “pillow” pouches, cups, PET/HDPE/glass bottles, plastic tubs, sticks and sachets.


We shall provide you with expert advice on your packaging & processing projects at our booth no. S6 in Kigali Convention Complex Centre. You are welcome to get acquainted with our innovative products and completed projects across Africa and beyond.

Have you decided to pack liquid or viscous dairy products in pouches (sachets)?


Today the packaging equipment market is extremely glutted. The keystone parameters as speed, filling accuracy, leakage percentage and price play a crucial role in your purchasing decision of packaging equipment.


Let’s get acquainted with benefits you get by operating MILKPACK.


First and foremost, our universal dual-chamber filler has a very hygienic design that is necessary in the food industry. It also has the possibility to pack different products with different dosages simultaneously on different heads.

High productivity (up to 6,000 packs/ hour on two heads) is a distinct advantage while reducing wear & tear of spares & consumables.

Not every machine can provide high accuracies at different product bulk densities. Milkpack machines provide filling accuracy of ± 0,5 – 1% on liquids and viscous products.

Low leakages of 0.1% – 0.2% is achieved through a reliable sealing system. Servomotor (Mitsubishi, Japan) provides accurate and smooth pulling without jerks and losses. The product does not get into the sealing areas.


Finally, low operation cost, low electricity and compressed air consumption and top-quality components from industry leaders, like Festo, Camozzi, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Unitronics, Lovato, Datalogic, etc. increase the overall reliability of the machine.


Taking into consideration the above factors, Milkpack manufactured by NHM Limited is positioned to be a market leader with optimal quality/price ratio.


Make up your mind, choose Milkpack and you will be greatly surprised with its various cost-saving advantages!!!

агрофуд основаня 1

Being fast growing, the most populous and the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria hosted us for the first time at AGROFOOD & PLASTPRINTPACK exhibition.


The 2nd International Trade Show on Plastics, Printing & Packaging was scheduled for 26th to 28th April 2016 in Lagos. A total of 85 exhibitors from 22 countries came to showcase their latest technologies.


We managed to communicate with many visitors, who showed great interest in our machines, like the Milkpack series, Cup Filling machine CFM-2C, Bottle Filling Line and our other turnkey solutions.


It was a great venue for demonstration of our products and establishing business contacts with the Nigerian market.


We express appreciation to all visitors that took their time to discuss their packaging requirement with us during Agrofood Nigeria 2016.

джазагро основная 2

You could reach us at DJAZAGRO 2016 from 16th to 18th April. With 20,125 attendees, 637 exhibitors from 31 countries, it’s one of the MAGHREB region’s leading international tradeshows for the food, beverage and packaging industries.


This was a major trade event for us to present our broad product range of packaging equipment in North Africa, particularly in Algeria and acquire new clients.


We are happy with the response and the enquiries received from the esteemed visitors to our stand. DJAZAGRO exceeded our expectations with significant numbers of successful business transactions and contacts made.


Thank you for stopping by at our company’s stand during the exhibition!


МП 6000 Алжир ДБК

Pursuant to our market development strategy, NHM Limited swiftly conquers new markets.

It gives us great pleasure to declare that our high speed automated pouch filling machine Milkpack 6000 was recently supplied to “Laiterie de Draa Ben Khedda” in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria.

“Laiterie de Draa Ben Khedda“ is one of the biggest players in the Algerian dairy market with processing capacity up to 300,000 liters of milk per day. It is the main supplier of pasteurized milk in polyethylene pouches in Tizi Ouzou region under the brand name of “Laiterie de D.B.K”.

We are delighted at this co-operation and we continue our efforts of replacing old packaging machines at dairies across Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. Our highly advanced Milkpack series machines will increase utilization capacity and reduce operating costs at dairies.


Great News!

NHM Limited is going to exhibit at the 2nd AGROFOOD & PLASTPRINTPACK NIGERIA starting from 26th until 28th of April, in Lagos, Nigeria.

AGROFOOD & PLASTPRINTPACK NIGERIA is a major asset for manufacturers and suppliers in food-tec and packaging industries to establish themselves on a fast-growing, dynamic Nigerian market.

NHM Limited is a leading producer and supplier of versatile packaging and processing equipment for:

  • oil and fat and canning industry (sauces, mayonnaises, ketchups);
  • grocery industry (coffee, tea, spices, cereals, sugar);
  • household chemicals (liquid and granular detergents);
  • confectionery industry (jams, candies);
  • dairy industry (milk, yogurt, sour cream, fermented milk, condensed milk etc.).

You can find us at Booth A.5.2 in the Landmark Convention Centre, where you will have a great opportunity to meet our dedicated sales team and negotiate about possible future packaging projects.

Your presence will do great honor and we are looking forward to seeing you.

1 - копия


We are pleased to announce that NHM Limited will participate at “DJAZAGRO 2016” exhibition from 18th to 21st April, 2016 in Algiers, Algeria.


“Djazagro” is the leading annual event for food industry professionals in Algeria. The spectrum to be exhibited extends from raw materials to related processing and packaging technologies.


With more than 20 years of experience, NHM Limited specializes in the manufacture and supply of packaging & processing equipment to the food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe, Asia and Africa.


At our stand #1L045 you can get qualified technical advice on your equipment needs. Catalogues and video of equipment required by you will be provided. You shall have an opportunity to see demonstration of our revolutionary Automatic packaging machine “MILKPACK 6000”.


We look forward to hosting you at our stand!


Date 18 – 21 April, 2016
Venue Safex Exhibition Park, Algiers
Stand no. 1L045
Time April 18-20, 2016   10:00 am – 6:00 pm
April 21, 2016          10:00 am – 5:00 pm

DDA (2)


With growing popularity of yoghurt, mala, mtindi, and other fermented milk products in Africa, cups are the most appropriate way to pack them.

In view of this, a semi-automatic cup-filling model K3 was recently supplied to Dairy Development Authority in Kampala, Uganda.

Being one of MAAIF’s (Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries) agencies, Dairy Development Authority is a statutory body targeted to promote dairy sector liberalization and support dairy stakeholders. The machine will be installed for packing yoghurt in cups at the Entebbe Dairy Institute.

It’s a great honor for NHM Limited to facilitate education of young professionals in the Ugandan dairy sector.

установка МП1500 (2)

We are proud to announce another successfully installation of an automatic pouch filling machine Milkpack 1500 at “Fukeni Mini Dairy”, Tanzania.


Mechanically operated, Milkpack 1500 is intended for filling of milk products in flexible polyethylene pouches and suitable for small & middle – scale dairies, as well as start-ups.


Fukeni Mini Dairy is located at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro near Moshi & certified by the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards. The dairy processes milk and mtindi (cultured milk) and is actively managed by Rev. Kennedy Kisanga. The products packaged on Milkpack 1500 will be supplied to children at schools in and around Moshi.


NHM Limited is always committed to providing the most cost-effective solution.

посещение алжира 2“Being closer to our clients, understanding and identifying their needs with the aim to supply the perfect packaging equipment” is our corporate motto. Our sales specialists regularly visit customers in their respective areas to establish long-term business relationships.


In this respect our Head of Business (North Africa) recently visited the following dairy plants in Algeria: Laiterie de Draa Ben Khedda, Amiralait, Laiterie Amara, Laiterie Medjana, Sarl Liko, Laiterie d’Amizour, Head Office of Group Giplait and other public and private companies.


During his visit he undertook presentations of processing & packaging equipment & a great amount of interest was shown towards our packaging equipment by various dairies in the region. Preliminary discussions were very fruitful and two contracts for supply of packaging machines were recently concluded as a result of successful negotiations. In the near future these machines will be produced and supplied to our esteemed customers in Algeria.


We hope to establish long-term cooperation with Algerian dairy companies.


EFTA ARUSHA EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS EXHIBITION brought together best-in-class equipment suppliers from 25th-27th February 2016 at the Arusha Azimio Museum Ground in Tanzania.

Together with EFTA (Equity for Tanzania) our company was one of the sponsors assisting in promotion of business in Northern Tanzania, Mwanza, the Lake Zone and the Southern Agricultural Corridor.

Our booth’s visitors were supplied with printed and electronic catalogs, video materials and free consultation on their operational requirements. ARUSHA EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS EXHIBITION was a perfect place to showcase our capability as a strategic partner for packing machinery in Northern Tanzania.

We were pleased by the great interest expressed towards our products.

milk pouch

Today pouches occupy a prominent place in the packaging market segment. This is due to their properties and advantages over other forms of packaging due to their suitability of food contact; ability to preserve flavor and nutrition of products, sealing reliability, moisture- & heat-resistant properties, convenience and possibility of complete recycling.

This type of packaging material includes the following advantages to all participants within the supply chain:

  • Flexible – a large of number of choices to pack products with characteristics like weights, dimensions, multiple colour printing, barrier properties – protection from UV light & oxygen.
  • Economical – less usage of natural resources for their manufacture, less storage space required; less time for sterilization & ease of disposal.
  • Low cost – fewer raw materials utilized, less weight, less waste & lower production costs provide possibility to produce large quantities with minimal expenses. For example, milk pouch costs 30-70% less than other packaging materials.
  • Low cost of logistics – cheaper to transport film rolls rather than glass bottles or cartons.
  • Can be recycled – more advanced methods of processing and utilization reduces pollution and limits damage to the ecosystem. Eco-friendly packaging is gaining importance in today’s world.

Choose pouch – Choose ecological solution! Choose NHM Limited & be closer to FLEXIBLE PACKAGING!

3 (9)

NHM Limited is proud to inform about the successful installation & commissioning of MILKPACK 6000, an automatic pouch-filling machine with speed of 6,000 pouches/hour, at ‘’Tanga Fresh Ltd.’’ (Tanga, TANZANIA).

MILKPACK 6000 is designed for secure packaging of all kinds of liquid and viscous dairy products in pouch. It incorporates the latest technology, is highly user-friendly, saves valuable resources, and is equipped with Programmable logic controller (PLC), colour touch screen, servomotors, and pneumatics of leading European & Japanese brands.




Tanga Fresh Ltd.” is the largest dairy in Tanzania with a capacity of processing up to 50,000 litres a day. It produces a wide range of dairy products such as fresh milk, mtindi (cultured milk), plain and flavored yoghurts, mozzarella cheese, butter and ghee.

Gulfood Manufacturing 2015Gulfood Manufacturing 2015” – one of the largest and exclusive annual fairs in the MEASA region was held from October 27th-29th, 2015 in Dubai, UAE. “Gulfood Manufacturing” became Dubai World Trade Centre’s most wide scale trade show, opening with an impressive 26,000 visitors from over 150 countries and 1,100 Exhibitors.

Our esteemed guests received a demonstration of our universal liquid & viscous filler technology & also up-to-date information regarding our packaging equipment, diversity of packaging solutions and technical advice for their packaging projects. NHM Ltd. continues its expansion in overseas markets, demonstrating a boost in deliveries to Middle East & East Africa.

We take this opportunity to thank you towards your interest in our company and its products, and look forward towards a mutually beneficial co-operation.



NHM team participated at the 11th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition in Nairobi, which took place from 23th to 25th of September 2015.

All visitors were provided with expert advice on equipment supplied by our company, video materials, printed and electronic catalogues at our stand.

Our range of packaging equipment is mainly focused on the dairy industry and provides solutions for small, medium as well as large-scale dairies. Visitors could witness the Semi-automatic Cup-Filling Machine K3 in working condition at the stand. There was a lot of interest in our entire range of packaging machines for filling in pouches, cups, bottles, tubs & Doypack.

We are pleased that our booth’s visitors had the chance to get acquainted with our innovative products and our completed projects in Africa.


NHM Limited is glad to inform about start of it’s official representation in MAGHREB region with headquarters in Morocco.


According to the promotion strategy of NHM Limited in MAGHREB region, an Agreement of cooperation with “Zakate Industrie company” was concluded in the sphere of packaging equipment. Professionals of Zakate Industrie will provide qualified consultations, undertake negotiations & sales, as well as provide high-quality technical services towards the complete range of packaging equipment manufactured by NHM Limited.


Together with new partners we visited the 10th SIAM exhibition (Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc) during which negotiations with key manufacturers of grocery and dairy products in the region have been carried out and preliminary agreements have been concluded.

NHM Limited at Djazagro 2015 in Algeria

NHM Limited team visited “Djazagro 2015” exhibition that was held on April 20-23, 2015 in Algiers, Algeria. Meetings with potential clients and partners were carried out as part of the promotion strategy in the African market. In addition, dairy factories were visited with the purpose of understanding the features of present processing and packing equipment in Algeria.

Preliminary agreements on supply of vertical packaging machines Milkpack for packing of pasteurized milk were concluded as a result of the executed work.

NHM Limited continues to increase its presence across the African continent. The end of 2014 was marked by entering Dairy market of Kenya. NHM successfully concluded a Contract to supply Promaco Ltd with two units of cup filling machine for yogurt.


PROMACO Limited – Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda/Burundi – is a company which focuses on ingredients and equipment for the dairy and food industries. The company is the exclusive agent for Ch. Hansen in East Africa.


We would like to grow our relationship & have a mutually beneficial cooperation with Promaco Ltd.

NHM Limited (NOVIY VEK) team has successfully exhibited during Gulfood Manufacturing 2014 – the biggest food and beverage process industry event for the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent.


Gulfood Manufacturing featured over 1,000 suppliers who deliver world class food and beverage processing industry solutions.


We are thankful to visitors from various countries, who took the time to stop by & discuss their packaging and processing equipment needs.


Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Vertical form-fill-seal machines for packing liquids and viscous products as well as solids and powder
  • Processing machinery for Food and Pharmaceutical liquids and creams
  • Sachet and Stick packaging machines
  • Cup filling machines for yogurts, cream, sauces, honey, etc.
  • Horizontal Filling machines in “Doypacks” (Stand up packets) with spout and zip-lock
  • Bottle filling machines of various speeds in PET, HDPE & Glass
  • Conveying systems, Carton erectors and carton sealers.


We use European and Japanese components in our machines to provide absolute reliability, effective operations and low maintenance costs.

The representatives of African dairy converged at the Kenyatta International Convention Center, Nairobi, Kenya for 10th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition during September 24th – 26th 2014. The 10th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition is the largest dairy event in Africa. This year over 140 exhibitors from over 45 countries participated at the show. At this event NHM Limited team displayed a new Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine MILKPACK 1500 for packaging fresh milk in pouches.


Liquid pouch filling machine MILKPACK 1500 was demonstrated in working condition at our stand. This machine consists of the latest features present on European Vertical type filling machines for packaging milk products into pouches. All components are mounted on a single frame. The machine functions are controlled through a Programmable Logic controller (PLC). This machine is compact, extremely user-friendly and easy to maintain. All parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304. The exterior panels are made of stainless steel AISI 202.


Deputy President of Kenya H.E. Mr. William Ruto visited NHM Limited stand during exhibition and had high praise for the new MILKPACK 1500 machine after witnessing its demonstration.

NHM Limited (NOVIY VEK) has successfully penetrated the South African market by supplying Douglasdale Dairy (Pty) Ltd. with Automatic Counting and Crating Systems.


This automatic packer system is used for automatic counting and crating of polyethylene (LDPE) pouches in containers (polyethylene or carton cases). The system can be integrated into the working line with a Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) packaging machine of any make. This system improves the automation level of milk pouch packaging and allows achieving higher productivity at dairy companies.


Douglasdale Dairy is working for over 70 years and services mainly the greater Gauteng region. Today the dairy produces 1.5% of the total country’s daily milk production. Rich variety of products produced under the Douglasdale trademark include fresh milk in full cream, low fat and fat free variants, cream, maas and buttermilk.


Douglasdale Dairy will incorporate 4 (four) automatic counting and crating systems on their existing Double head pouch packaging machines. This will enable the company to automate its downstream packaging process, save manpower and avoid costly human error.


NHM Limited (NOVIY VEK) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging and processing equipment to the food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe, Asia and Africa since 1992. During this period more than 550 units of equipment were supplied to various enterprises.


NHM company manufactures and supplies packaging equipment for packing of various kinds of food and non-food products such as dairy products, ketchup, mayonnaise, edible oil, mustard paste, tea, coffee, spices, sugar, pasta, etc.