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Terra Stick

Terra Stick
Terra Stick
Multilane packaging machine TERRA STICK is used for filling of dry, liquid, and viscous products in centre seal packs in form of “tube” (“stick”) and “pyramid” (“tetra stick”) in small quantities. The machine uses a single film roll. It is possible to work with films with photo eye mark and by set length of pouch. The machine is equipped with a batch counter for pouches and a sensor system to control end of film.
Speed, max.Up to 250 * packs/min.
Pouch length, max50-140
Pouch width, mm17(28)(56)
Electricals380 V, 50 Hz
Installed power5.0 kW
Average power consumption2.0 kW
Air pressure in system6.0 bar
Compressed air consumption in system per working cycle1.6 litres
Number of lanes2,3,4,5
Film roll width (max.)Up to 200
Film roll diameter (max.)350 mm
Internal core diameter75 mm
Film thicknessFrom 20 micron
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)1100 x 900 x 2260 mm
Weight320 kg
Packing material:
Polypropylene, laminates and various multilayered films
Scope of supply:
  • Fillers: volumetric, auger, liquid, electronic weigh filler, fillers for single-piece products. Choice of filler depends on the type of product.
  • Elevators, conveyors: bucket elevator, auger; conveyors for outfeed of ready products, step conveyor for outfeed of ready products by cycles.
Optional equipment to Terra Stick packaging machines:
  • thermal printer
  • aspiration system (to collect dust from the packing area)
  • inert gas supply system
  • notch for easy tearing on top seal of pouch
  • perforation system on seal for each pouch separation
  • UV light for processing of packaging material
  • pouch counter
  • stainless steel execution

*Speed depends on pouch length, product characteristics and film quality

Note: compressor is not included in scope of supply
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