AGRIBIZ UGANDA One step at a time …..

AGRIBIZ UGANDA One step at a time …..

The secret of any successful business is a step-by-step story.

Before purchasing equipment, we often read reviews over the internet, including untrue ones. But we need to know the truth.

True reviews are not always a text with a smiling face. We feel that an accurate & reliable review is a positive reference from an existing client. In this case, our client from Uganda recommended our equipment to Director Deo Bwire’s small startup dairy plant from Kampala city.

In June 2020, «Noviy Vek» – NHM Limited™ concluded a contract for supply of packaging equipment with «AGRIBIZ UGANDA» for 2 machines – An automatic pouch packaging machine Milkpak 1500 and a Semi-automatic Cup Filling Machine K3.

The packaging machines were manufactured and shipped to the Customer’s factory this month.

“Noviy Vek” – NHM Limited™ wishes success, increased demand, creative ideas & good luck to Mr. Deo Bwire. May his products bring him an excellent reputation in the Ugandan market!

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