CFM-2L installation in Nairobi, Kenya

CFM-2L installation in Nairobi, Kenya


NHM team has installed Automatic double-lane cup filling machine CFM-2L for filling of fruit jam and honey at leading jam manufacturing company in East Africa – Trufoods Limited.


Trufoods started business back in 1958 and initially focused on contract manufacturing for multi-nationals involved in agribusiness such as Brooke Bond. Following growth and seizing opportunity, Trufoods decided to start developing ‘in the kitchen’ and ‘on the table’ brands, specifically made for the wider Kenyan market. The first products Trufoods produced and sold were jams, under the now iconic Zesta Brand. Zesta jam is the current market leader in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania.


Automatic cup filling machine model CFM-2L is intended for filling liquid and viscous products like jam, honey, sour cream, yogurt, dairy products, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard paste, and other products in cups with pre-cut aluminum lid. A snap-on plastic cover system also can be provided for hygienic opening/closing of cup. All machine functions are performed in automatic mode: discharge of cup, cup filling, placing and sealing of aluminum lid, date coding, snap-on plastic cover & unloading of filled cup.


NHM company is always committed to providing the most reliable packaging machinery for food and non-food applications.

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