Commissioning of cup filling machine in Rwanda

Commissioning of cup filling machine in Rwanda


NHM Machinery has successfully commissioned Semi-automatic cup filling machine K3 for stirred yoghurt at Masaka Creamery dairy processing company in Kigali, Rwanda.


Masaka Creamery was established in 2015 to acquire the brand and business of the well-known dairy processing company Masaka Farms, which had been closed as a result of food safety violations. Company produces stirred flavored yoghurt, fruit-based yoghurt, fresh cream and cheese.


Semi-automatic cup filling machine model K3 manufactured by NHM Machinery consists of a turret with five compartments for filling and moving the cup.




Functions in semi-automatic mode include dosing of product ( set or stirred yoghurt, fresh cream, fermented milk, spreadable cheese), placing & sealing of aluminum foil lid and heat embossing of date (at the bottom of the cup). The operator manually just puts the empty cups, turns turret by one position and removes filled cups.


NHM constantly delivers reliable packaging and filling equipment for dairy processing companies in East African region.

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