Bottle Filling Monoblock AFM

Bottle filling line is used for filling liquid and viscous products in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in plastic or glass bottles with capping and application of self-adhesive label.


Products to be packed:

Food products: milk, mayonnaise, edible oil, condensed milk, jam, honey, ketchup, tomato paste, sauces, juices, etc.


Non-food products: shampoo, ointment, creams, gel, liquid cleaning agents, fertilizers, washing liquids, toothpaste, etc.

Bottle type PET, HDPE, Glass
Speed, max. 2000 bottles/hour
Filling range 100-1000 ml
Bottle diameter, max. 150 mm
Bottle height, max. 300 mm
Number of filling nozzles 1-4
Number of capping heads 1
Electricals 2,5 kW, 220V 50Hz
Air consumption at 6 Bars 200 litres/min