Cup Filling Machine K3


Semi-automatic cup filling machine “K3” consists of a turret with five compartments for filling and moving the cup.
Functions in semi-automatic mode include: dosing of product, placing & sealing of aluminum foil lid and date coding (at the bottom of the cup). The operator manually just puts the empty cups, turns turret by one position and removes filled cups.


Product to be packed: Yogurt, Lala
Dosing volume: 150-500 ml.
Packaging material: Cup with Aluminum foil
Speed: up to 10 cups/min.
Electricals: 220V, 50 Hz
Power: 0.4 kW
Dimensions: 800х900х1500mm
Weight (net): 175 kgs.


Basic scope of supply:
  • Product hopper without heating and agitator
  • Magazine for top aluminium lid;
  • Complete set of changeable rings for one set of cups (with neck Ø75 mm or 95mm).
  • Suction mechanism in filler for last drop to avoid product dripping