DELTA Flow-pack Machine


Packaging machine Delta (flow-pack) is used for packing of wide range of single-piece products.

Food products: sweets, biscuits, ice-cream, bakery products, containers with product), etc.

Household products: sponges, wet wipes, disposable tableware, soap, bandages, magazines and books, etc.

Pharmaceutical products: bandages, hot-water bags, etc.

Group packages in a row, in column format, or on edge.

Packing material:  heat sealable films in form of a roll with 1 or 2-side heat sealibility and consisting of paper or aluminum foil.

Speed   with single jaw   with double jaws Up to 100 packs/min.Up to 150 packs/min.
Dimensions of product, mm
Length 30…200 mm
Width 60…450 mm
Height 1…100 mm
Electricals 380 V, 50 Hz
Installed power 4.2 / 4.8 kW
Average power consumption 2.1 / 2.4 kW
Film roll width 450 / 600 mm
Film roll diameter (max.) 350 mm
Overall dimensions (L  x W x H) 1000х1800х3600 mm
Weight 430/530 kg


Standard scope of supply:

  • Three independent electrical drives operated by frequency inverters
  • Unit for date embossing on pouch seal
  • Working with film with photo eye mark and by set length of pouch
  • Batch counter for packets
  • Light and sound alarm system
  • Self-diagnostics system
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with LCD display for operation and parameter settings by operator
  • Storage of 50 recipes for packing modes
  • Automatic centering of product in pack
  • Reverse sealing jaws
  • Parts in contact with product are made from stainless steel


Optional equipment:

  • Thermal printer (2 lines of 10 symbols each)
  • System “No product – no pouch” – machine stops automatically when product ends
  • Forming of flat packet
  • Inert gas flushing system
  • Labeler
  • Feeders (automatic product feeding)