Omega “Stabilo”


Vertical packaging machine for formation of pouches with sealed side edges (“Stabilo”) from a roll of heat sealable film and packaging of different food and non-food products.


Packing material:  polypropylene, laminates and various multilayered films.


The following types of pouches are possible:

  • “pillow” pouch
  • gusseted stand-up pouch
  • gusseted stand-up pouch with side sealed edges
  • “stabilo” pouch with sealed side edges and centre seal
  • “stabilo” pouch with sealed side edges and vertical seal on one of the edges
  • pouches with label application
  • pouches with notch and applicator for multiple opening/closing
Speed, max. Up to 40* packs/min.
Pouch depth, max 50-60 mm
Pouch length, max 75-265 mm
Pouch width, max 75-190 mm
Electricals 3 phase /380 V, 50Hz
Power, max. 2.0 kW
Air pressure 6.0 bar
Compressed air consumption per working cycle Up to 4.8 litres
Film roll width 185-500 mm
Film roll diameter (max.) 500 mm
Film thickness From 30 micron
Overall dimensions (L  x W x H) 1070 x 1630 x 1710 mm
Weight 570 kg

* Actual machine speed depends on pouch length, film physical characteristics and quality

Scope of supply:

OMEGA «STABILO» series machines are supplemented with:

  • Fillers: Electronic weigh, volumetric (auger, disc, liquid) fillers
  • Product infeed and outfeed conveyors

Standard scope of supply:

  • Date embossing unit on pouch seal;
  • Tube with collar for forming of “Stabilo” packet
  • System of “Stabilo” packet forming
  • Working on photo eye sensor and by set packet length;
  • Film unwinding unit;
  • Quick roll changing unit;
  • Packet counter;
  • Sensor system to control end of film;
  • Warning of emergency alarms using light and sound;
  • Self-diagnostics system;
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with LCD (Display) in Operator panel


Optional equipment:

  • Unit for forming of “Stand-up” packet
  • Unit for folding of bottom seal on packet
  • Unit for forming of notch, for example “handle”, “3 holes”, “euro slot” in top seal of packet
  • Unit for pouch forming (tube with collar) –vertical seal “overlap” or “Euro Folding (end-to-end with folding)”
  • Unit for flushing inert gas into packet
  • Unit of forced dust extraction (aspiration)
  • Thermal embossing / Ink-jet printer (2 lines up to 10 symbols)
  • Unit for removal of static electric charge
  • Unit for application of advertising tape on packet
  • Unit for application of self-adhesive label on packet