Packaging machine Terra is used for filling of dry, liquid, viscous and single-piece products in 4-sided seal pouches and 3-sided seal sachets for small quantities. The machine uses 1 or 2 film rolls. It is possible to work with films with photo eye mark and by set length of pouch. The machine is equipped with a batch counter for pouches and a sensor system to control end of film. The date is embossed on the pouch seal.


Packing material:  polypropylene, laminated foil, paper etc.  and filter paper.


Scope of supply:

TERRA series machines are supplemented with:

  • Fillers: Electronic weigh, volumetric (auger, disc, liquid) fillers
  • Product infeed and outfeed conveyors
Speed, max. Up to 200* packs/min.
 Pouch  length, max 50-180
 Pouch    width, mm 50-100
Film  width,mm 175-510
Electricals 380 V, 50 Hz
Max. power 2.1 kW
Film roll width 175 – 510 mm
Film roll diameter (max.) 380 mm
Film thickness From 25 micron
Overall dimensions (L  x W x H),

(with disc type filler)

800 x 1400 x 1900 mm
Weight, kg 290

Optional equipment:

  • thermal / ink-jet printer
  • aspiration system (forced suction of dust from packing area)
  • stirrer in product hopper of filler
  • inert gas flushing system
  • notch on top seal of pouch
  • perforation on seal for ease of pouch opening
  • ultra violet lamp for processing of packaging material
  • stainless steel machine execution

*Speed depends on pouch length, product characteristics and film quality